Ad rotation

Ad rotation

You can create a set of different ads within one campaign in order to show each visitor a new advertisement every day. Once a visitor successfully validates the view, our system will remember that and show him the next advertisement from your set the next time he opens the “View Ads” page when the 23 hours have passed. They will be shown exactly in order you've chosen them to show up and without skipping an ad even if member skips a day or few.

Ad rotation is available for all plans except GLANCE. Adding the advertisements to your campaign is, in many ways, very similar to filling details of the advertisements before that. All previews of your advertisements will appear in the upper part of the Ad rotation section as you add them. First ad in the list is already there, because first advertisement in the list of rotation will be the main advertisement with all of the info you have added before, in the part of the form that is above Ad rotation.

If you have used “TMIVS” or “Test question” validation modes, the validation modes that you have chosen and text messages or test questions that you have added in the main form will be used only on the first and main advertisement. Your advertisements will be affected by the “Visitor activity control” globally, that means, that the chance of a member to see your advertisement will affect any ad that is shown to him at a certain day. Setting up a combination of the Ad rotation and growing percentage of members able to see your advertisement, for example, will result in a heavier traffic for your latest advertisements in the Ad rotation list. Targeting is also global; settings you choose will affect all of the ads in the Ad rotation list. Surveys that you add will appear on all of the advertisements in the list. API is global as well and will send user data to all of the websites that are included in the Ad Rotation list.

As it is in the case of creating a new advertisement, the only required fields are the “Title” and “URL (link)”. Please, consult the Basic info section for the information on how to fill the “Title” (called “Ad Name” in the Basic info section), “URL (link)” and “Description” fields. Just like in the main part of the form, picture captcha mode is selected by default. You can select different validation modes for every advertisement in the Ad rotation list. There can be only one TMIVS message or test question for every additional ad in the Ad rotation list. Just select the validation mode that you want by clicking on its name. Please, consult the “View validation” section for the information on different validation modes and guidelines for creating them. If the advertisement plan that you have chosen is INSPIRATION or DELIGHT, you can also add the additional links for a view using the Website tour feature. When you are done, save your advertisement by clicking the “SAVE” button.

If you want to edit a certain advertisement, click on a small button with a pencil on the preview of this advertisement to do it. Once you are done, click on the “SAVE CHANGES” button. If you want to delete an advertisement, click on a small button with a cross on the preview of this advertisement. If you have clicked on the “ADD NEW” and changed your mind, simply click on “CANCEL” and the advertisement and its preview will be removed. The advertisement changes as you edit it, so you cannot cancel changes you have made by editing it. If you want to edit the first advertisement in the list, you should do it in the earlier sections of the form, as it is only a preview of your main advertisement.