Ad rotation

Ad rotation

Ad rotation allows you to add multiple advertisements to your campaign. The ads will be shown one by one, day by day. Exactly in the order that you have added them, without skipping, for each visitor. When you use the Ad Rotation feature, you can be sure that by the time a user views the third link, they have already visited the first and the second. This works even if a certain user skips one or more days - we keep track of what links each user has visited to make sure they see them all and in order.

The first ad in the rotation is your primary ad - the one you have configured in a form above the "AD ROTATION" section. The TMIVS captcha, Test Questions, and Website Tour links that you have selected above will only apply to the first ad in the rotation. On the other hand, the activity modes, targeting, surveys, and user data API will apply to all ads in the rotation.

Click the "ADD NEW" button to add an ad to a rotation. Only the "Title" and "URL" are mandatory; you can leave the rest of this form blank.

Please, see the Basic Information, View Validation, and Website Tour sections of this documentation for guidance on how to to use those features. The only difference is, you can only add one TMIVS message or test question to each secondary ad. The information you add in this form will only apply to the current ad in the rotation. You can use different view validation methods or Website Tour links for every ad in the rotation. The Test Question validation method and the Website Tour feature will not be available for the INTRODUCTION plan.

When you have created a secondary ad, click on the "SAVE" button below the Ad Rotation form. You can add, edit and remove the Ad Rotation ads at any point, even when the ad campaign has been saved and activated.

Ad Rotation is not available for GLANCE ad campaigns.