How it works

How it works

When you advertise on HeedYou our members will visit your website for a small reward. This is the one of the ways in which our members are able to earn on the Internet. We make sure, that a person can only visit your website once a day and is not using any proxies or fraudulent and/or automated methods.

The advertisements, which are available for our members to visit, are located on the “View Ads” page. They are separated in 4 categories – one category for each advertising plan. Only the advertisements, which are not blocked by targeting or from which a member has not been kicked are displayed. If you are not logged in, all advertisements are displayed.

There are 4 plans available: GLANCE, INTRODUCTION, INSPIRATION and DELIGHT. GLANCE is the most basic plan with only the basic features available. Member has to look at the website for 5 seconds and is rewarded with only 0.02 cents. INTRODUCTION is a bit more advanced. It comes with a website screenshot and the description on the advertisement and the more advanced validation method is available. Exposure time is 20 seconds and the reward – 0.1 cent. INSPIRATION has almost all of the features available, except for the survey and user data API. Test question may be set up to check if our members have looked at the website. It shows your website for 1 minute and pays 0.5 cents to the member. DELIGHT is the most advanced plan, without any compromises. It has all the features HeedYou has to offer, displays your website for 2 minutes and rewards a visitor with 1 cent.

Every time a member clicks on the advertisement, our system thoroughly checks that everything is OK and the member is ready to look at your advertisement. First, we measure the Internet connection speed of the member. We will need it later, when determining how fast your website should load. Then we make a small test to determine whether the member has AdBlock plugin enabled.

If it is enabled, the member has to disable it to continue viewing the advertisement. Next, we make sure that the browser window is big enough. The minimum requirement is 800x600 pixels. Until the inner part of the browser (where the websites are being displayed) is at least that big, member will not be able to continue further.

If everything is fine, there can still be some additional things that need to be settled before we show your website to a member. If the member is new and opens the advertisement of a certain plan for a first time, he has to read the small tutorial, explaining him what he needs to do.

Next, if the advertisement plan is DELIGHT, we check if there are some incomplete surveys assigned to that advertisement. If there are, the member has to complete one of them to continue.

Finally, if the advertisement has a user data API set up, our system will warn the member, that some of his personal data will be sent to the advertiser’s website. He has 3 options – walk away without viewing the advertisement, allow sending the data once, or allow sending the data and don’t ask him whether to allow transferring a certain type of personal data again.

Once all checks are done and the member is ready, the website of the advertiser, with our frame in top 50 pixels of the page for control purposes, opens. Next, our system will wait while your website is loading. Our system uses the previously measured Internet speed of the visitor to determine how fast your website should load. Our system will give your website 2+(visitor internet speed in mbps/10 MB) seconds to load. For example, if the internet connection speed of a visitor is 10 Mbps, your website will be given 3 seconds to load. If your website loads faster, the timer will start once it happens. If not, the timer will start once the time given to your website to load runs out.

Every 1/10 of a second our system will check that the browser window with your website is on top and the size of the screen given to your website is bigger than 800x600. If one or both conditions are not met, warning will be given and the timer will go backwards until the problem(s) are fixed. If your website has a framebreaker script, our system will prevent it from breaking out of the frame and ensure that the member is rewarded for the view. If the member tries to close the window too early, while he is not credited, our system will warn him about this as well.

When the timer runs out, it’s time for a view validation. Our system will make sure, that the member has really been viewing the advertisement for amount of seconds that were needed, and, if everything is OK, display a validation. There are 3 different types of validation: picture captcha, TMIVS, and test question.

If it is picture captcha, member will be presented with 5 small pictures, randomly selected from our picture set. One of them will be upside down, and members will have to find it and click on it to get credited. He has 3 tries before he is locked out of your advertisement for 1 day.

In case of TMIVS, the visitor will be presented with an image containing a TMIVS message, randomly selected from one of the ones you have added, and a text input field. Once member re-types it, our system will check it. If the text he has submitted matches, at least, by 70%, the view is validated. He has 3 tries before he is locked out of your advertisement for 1 day.

Finally, if you have set up the test question, the test question with 4 possible answers will appear. Visitor may re-visit your website by clicking the link above the ad if he hasn’t noticed the answer to that question while the ad was running. He has only one chance to answer it correctly. Incorrect answer will lock him out from your advertisement for 1 day.

Our members can report test questions they consider unfair. We will review your test question and remove it, if this is the case. All members, who have answered that test question incorrectly, will be credited from the funds of your advertisement. Please, contact us in advance if you are not sure if your test question is OK.

Once the view is validated, our system credits the visitor. He can now either open your advertisement, if he’s liked what he has seen, or close the window.