Bonus ads

Bonus ads

Whenever you create a new ad or extend the existing one, you will receive complimentary bonus ad credits. You can use them to get additional views for your website for free. Unlike the regular ads, users may view your Bonus ad multiple times a day. Bonus ads can't be targeted.

You are not guaranteed to receive all visits since the counter starts immediately and does not wait for your website to load. Please, choose lightweight, quick to load pages for the best results when you create Bonus ads. You can also spend bonus credits to get 10% extra regular views added to your next purchase.

You can find the Bonus ad section on the “Advertise” page, by clicking the "You have x bonus credits" button. You can see the number of available bonus credits on top of this page.

Click the “ADD NEW” button to create a Bonus ad. The "Activity" will determine how fast you will receive the visits. If you notice that your website cannot handle so many visitors, you can reduce the activity level to keep it responsive. Choose how many credits you want to assign to it. Each credit represents one view. When you are done creating an ad, click the “SAVE” button to save and activate it.

You can always edit your Bonus ad, assign more credits or delete it from this page. If you delete a Bonus ad, the remaining unused credits will be refunded to your Bonus credits balance.