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Quick, inexpensive views

Best for traffic increase and brand promotion


Introduce your website

Effective for new competitors in an established industry


Inspire to try something new

Great for explaining unique ideas and concepts


Advanced tools for unusual cases

Take visitors on a long, interesting journey

Different plans are available to meet any budget!

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HeedYou has a lot of features that you can explore, but starting it out can be as easy as choosing a name for your ad and posting a link.

How it works?

View ads

Your advertisement, including website name, description and a small screenshot will be displayed on View Ads page.

Our members look through websites to earn some extra money in a spare time.

Displaying ad

When a visitor clicks on the advertisement, we will show them your website.

The browser window will have to be on top and big enough, to make sure they can properly see your website.

When a timer runs out, a visitor will have to validate the view with one of the 3 available methods:

Picture captcha

Picture captcha

Text captcha

Text captcha

Test question

Test question

Advertisement will be activated instantly and you will have full control over it.

Control and Stats

You can start with as low as $5!