Website tour

Website tour

HeedYou allows you to show multiple pages of your website in a single view. Exposure time that is available to your ad will be split equally between the URLs added using the "Website Tour" feature.

By default, the Website Tour section will only include the primary URL of your ad campaign (the one you have added in the "BASIC INFORMATION" section).

We advise you to use this feature if you want to create a narrative and take the visitors to see a sort of a slide show, made out of pages of your website. For example, you can show a page with an attention-grabbing headline in a first URL, then display testimonials or reviews in a second link, and finish it all with a call to action. We encourage you to be creative and experiment with it, find the best combination of arguments that works for your website or service.

You don't have to use it this way or limit yourself to a single website - feel free to show multiple unrelated websites in one view. However, this will not be very efficient as our users will have a hard time finding anything except the first link when they want to revisit something. If you are considering doing this, perhaps, it is a better idea to create multiple INTRODUCTION ads.

To use Website Tour, click the "ADD NEW" button in the "WEBSITE TOUR" section. Paste a URL in that field and click on "SAVE". You can add 2 additional links to an INSPIRATION ad campaign and 5 for the DELIGHT plan, making the minimum exposure time for each link 20 seconds.

Website Tour feature is available only for INSPIRATION and DELIGHT plans. It is not compatible with a Test Question view validation method.