Basic information

Basic information

First thing you see in the advertisement form is “BASIC INFORMATION” section. In the top right corner you can see the preview of your future advertisement. Its background color is determined by the plan you have selected.

Ad name

First thing you need to enter is “Ad Name”. It will be the title of your advertisement. Maximum length is 15 symbols; you can use any characters you wish.

URL (link)

Next field is “URL (link)”. It is the link you want to promote. This is the link that you want our members to visit. Link should include http:// or https://.

Once you enter the URL and deselect the field, our system will try to take a screenshot of the homepage of your website.

Please, keep in mind, that GLANCE plan does not include screenshot, so do not expect it to appear if you are using this plan. In the most cases we are able to automatically take a screenshot, but in some specific situations our system cannot access your website and save a picture. If this happens, you should double check your link. Unless your server has harsh anti-robot settings this should not happen. If you are sure that the link is valid, but the screenshot does not appear after 30-50 seconds, you can save the advertisement as is, without the picture. If you still want it, you contact us and we will take a screenshot manually.

“Ad Name” and “URL (link)” are the only required fields. You can skip all other fields in the form if you don’t want to use any additional features.


Unless you are using GLANCE plan, you can add a small description of your website to your advertisement. It should not exceed 75 symbols and you can use any symbols you’d like to use.

Visitor daily activity control

In this section, you can set up the percentage of our members that will be able to access your website.

Our system will randomly select members that can access your advertisement, thus, delivering even and natural traffic flow to your website, without spikes in the beginning of the day or an hour. You can choose between 4 different modes of activity control: static, linear, parabolic and logarithmic. Simply click on a chart picture to select the mode that you’d like to use.

Static mode is selected by default and has only one setting – percent of active users. The percent you enter in that field is the percent of our members which will be able to access your advertisement. For example, if you leave the default 100% value, all HeedYou members will be able to see your advertisement every day, if you change it to 50% - only half.

You can use this feature to protect your server from crashing due to high amount of visitors, or simply extend your ad so that it lasts longer. Static percent does not mean, that you will get equal amount of visitors every day, it determines only the amount of members able to access your ad.

Linear mode is available for all plans except GLANCE. That mode is created, so that you can set up how the percentage of members able to see your advertisement will change over time. “Activity change start” and “Activity change end” dates determine a period of time during which the change will take place. “From” and “To” fields determine starting percent and ending percent. Before the starting date percent will be static at the “From” field level, after this date passes, percentage will start to move towards ending percentage day by day. After the ending date arrives, if the advertisement is still active, percentage will become static once again, this time, on “To” field level.

You can set “Activity change start” date to the past date, in this case, percentage of active members on a first day will be somewhere between “From” and “To” values. If you set both dates to the past, the result would be the same as with static mode with “To” value being constant percentage.

You can use this mode if you are advertising a new website, which does not have any visitors yet and want the amount of traffic to increase gradually, not with a sudden spike.

Parabolic and logarithmic modes are available only for INSPIRATION and DELIGHT plans. They are, in many ways, similar to linear mode, available settings and their logic are the same. The only difference is the manner in which percentage of members, which will be able to see your advertisement changes. In case of parabolic, percentage will increase slowly and then accelerate towards the end; in case of logarithmic percentage will start increasing fast and slow down as the ending date approaches.

Parabolic is good if you expect members of HeedYou to join your website and then tell their friends about it to continue the trend after the ending percent has been reached. Logarithmic looks very natural if you want to arrive at certain percentage and run your advertisement with that percentage for a while.

If, for any reason, you want to set up a decreasing percentage, simply set the ending percentage (“To” field) lower than the starting percentage (“From” field).