Basic information

Basic information

The first thing you see when you open the advertisement creation form is the “BASIC INFORMATION” section. You can see a preview of your ad banner in the top right corner. This is how your ad will appear to our users on the View Ads page.

Ad name

This is the title of your advertisement. We recommend putting the name of your website here. That way, the visitors can easily find it later if they want to return for a closer look. The maximum length is 15 symbols; you can use any characters.

URL (link)

Please, add a link to your website here. Link should include a "http://" or "https://" prefix.

Once you enter the URL and deselect the field, our system will try to take a screenshot of the website, to generate a thumbnail.

The GLANCE plan does not include a thumbnail. In most cases, we can automatically take a screenshot, but, sometimes, our system may not be able to do so. If this happens, you should double-check your link - most of the time, it means the link is invalid. If you are sure that the link is valid, but a screenshot does not appear, you can save the advertisement as is, without a thumbnail. If you still want your advertisement to have a thumbnail, please, contact us. We will add a screenshot manually.

“Ad Name” and “URL (link)” are the only required fields. You can skip all other fields in the form if you don’t want to use any additional features.


You can add a small description for your advertisement here. We recommend mirroring the main points from the website itself so that our users can easily find your advertisement when they want to revisit it. The description should not exceed 75 symbols; you can use any symbols. Not available for GLANCE plan.

Activity control

In this section, you can select a portion of HeedYou users that can access your ad on any given day.

Our system will randomly select members that can access your advertisement, thus, delivering even and natural traffic flow to your website, without spikes at the beginning of the day or an hour. You can choose between 4 modes of activity control: static, linear, parabolic, and logarithmic. Click on a chart picture to select the mode that you’d like to use.

Static mode is selected by default and has only one setting – availability. The value you enter in that field is a portion of HeedYou users that can access your ad on any given day. If you leave the value at the default (100%), all HeedYou users that pass the targeting filters will be able to see your advertisement every day. If you change it to 50% - only half of them will have an opportunity to see it.

You can use this feature to protect your servers from crashing from a high number of visitors or choose a slower pace for your ad campaign. The number of visitors will still vary day by day due to natural fluctuations of user activity.

Linear mode is available for all plans except GLANCE. It allows you to set up a linear change in the number of visitors over time. “Activity change start” and “Activity change end” dates determine a period of time when that gradual change will take place. “From” and “To” fields determine starting and ending activity levels. Before the starting date arrives, the activity will be static at the “From” field level, after this date passes, the activity will start to move towards the ending percentage day by day. If your advertisement is still active at the end date, the activity will remain static, at a “To” field level.

This mode is recommended if you are promoting a brand new website that does not have any visitors yet and you are concerned that a traffic spike might disrupt it. It allows you to gradually increase the views and monitor how it handles an increase in traffic over time.

Parabolic and logarithmic modes are available only for INSPIRATION and DELIGHT plans. The available settings and their logic are similar to a linear mode. The only difference is the way the activity level changes. With parabolic, the activity will increase slowly and then accelerate towards the end; with logarithmic, the activity will start increasing fast and slow down as the ending date approaches.

Parabolic mode is recommended if you are planning to unveil or launch something on a day it reaches the peak value, but want to create a low-key interest and prepare the audience by giving them a sneak peek from time to time.

Logarithmic mode will create an organic-like, rapid growth in traffic. It is a good idea to choose it if you want to start receiving the maximum amounts of traffic without undue delay while avoiding a sudden spike.

You can change the mode or activity level at any point by editing your ad. Feel free to set the ending activity value at a lower value than the starting, in case you want to wind things down slowly instead of suddenly cutting off all traffic from HeedYou.