Controls and stats

Controls and stats

Once you create your first advertisement, introduction to our advertising on the “Advertise” page will be replaced by the list of your ads and control over them. First, that you will see are 2 big buttons at the top of the page – “+Create new”, which can be used to create new advertisement, and “Add funds” which can be used to add funds to your purchase balance.

Purchase balance can be used for extending your advertisements by additional funding, or, you can deposit funds before creating an ad and pay for it using purchase balance later. You can add funds to purchase balance using PayPal, Payza or your main account balance (your earnings on HeedYou). Minimum transfer from PayPal and Payza is $5, from account balance - $1. It may take up to 10 minutes for funds to appear on your balance. Usually it happens instantly.

You will also see the button with the following title: “You have x bonus credits”, that opens bonus advertisement control page. Bonus credits can be used to get additional free advertisement views. You will get 5000 bonus ad views for every $1 spent on GLANCE advertising, 7500 bonus ad views for every $1 spent on INTRODUCTION advertising, 10000 bonus ad views for every $1 spent on INSPIRATION advertising, 12000 bonus ad views for every $1 spent on DELIGHT advertising. You can use them to get additional views for your website for free.

Next, you will see the list of your advertisements with filters on top. You can choose to display only the ads of the certain type and status.

Only the last 4 ads will be shown once the page is loaded, more will load (in batches of 4) each time you scroll the page to the bottom. If this does not happen automatically, you can click on „Load more” button.

Every ad in the list will be represented by a big horizontal block. This block will be colored according to the plan selected for the advertisement, unless the advertisement was not funded or is expired. In this case it will be grey.

All colors of the block will be faded if the advertisement is paused.

The block consists of 3 parts. On the left you will see the preview of your advertisement, with name, description, and screenshot. In the middle, you can see some basic stats, pause/resume button (assuming that you have funded your advertisement and there are still some funds remaining), and link to the page with detailed stats. Here’s a detailed info about the stats that are shown in this block:

  • Views: First number, before the slash symbol ( / ) is amount of views your advertisement has already received, and the second number is the total amount of views, that your ad will receive. You can increase this amount by extending your advertisement.
  • Total exposure: This is the total amount of time, that HeedYou members have spent looking at your website. Only the time, when window was on top, at least, 800x600 pixels big and the view was verified at the and is counted.
  • $(x) remaining: This number shows funds that are still unused. When this number reaches 0, your ad will stop being displayed. You can extend your advertisement to prevent that from happening.
  • Created on (date): The date when your advertisement was created.
  • Status: Shows the current status of your advertisement. “active” means, that your ad is up and running, “paused” means, that you have paused your advertisement, “expired” means, that funds on your advertisement have ended, and “unpaid” means, that the ad was never funded.

Next to the “Status” line you may see pause or resume button. Pause symbol will appear only when your ad is active, resume symbol will appear only when your ad is paused. You can only pause your advertisement once a day, so use it wisely. You will be able to resume it again at any time, but you cannot pause it again on the same day.

If you click on “More stats”, detailed stats of your advertisement will open. First, you are going to see a big block with stats. All of the stats there duplicate ones in the ad list on “Advertise” page, and there is an additional info about amount of the impressions. That parameter counts all ad views, including ones where validation has failed.

After that, you are going to see the following charts:

  • Ad Views in the last 24 hours: This chart shows how many visits were delivered every hour of the last 24 hours.
  • Ad Views in the last month: This chart shows how many visits were delivered every day of the last month.
  • Hourly Ad Views distribution: This chart shows at which parts of the day visits are being delivered.
  • Distribution of Ad Views by country: This chart shows top 20 countries from which visits are being delivered.
  • Gender: Shows, how many visitors were male and how many were female.
  • Age: Shows how many visits were delivered by the visitors of each age group.
  • Surveys: If you have purchased advertisement with a DELIGHT plan and added some surveys, you will see one chart for each of your surveys showing how many people have chosen a certain survey option.

Let’s return to the “Advertise” page and the ad blocks on it. Third part of any ad block has 3 buttons on it.

First one allows you to edit your advertisement.

You can edit any advertisement with any status at any time. When you click on this button, you will see the same form you have used to create the advertisement, except now you cannot change the plan. After you do necessary adjustments, click “SAVE AD” button in the “BASIC INFO” section or at the bottom of the form.

Next button allows you to extend the advertisement by additional funding.

You can do it by making a payment with one of 3 available methods: PayPal, Payza, or purchase balance. It may take up to 10 minutes after the payment to add funds to your ad. Usually it happens instantly.

Last button is there to delete your advertisement.

This will remove the advertisement from the list and stop it from being displayed. Please, note, that any funds, that remain on the advertisement will be lost as well. If you have deleted your advertisement by mistake, please, contact us. In most cases it is possible to restore the deleted advertisement.