Controls and stats

Controls and stats

Once you create your first advertisement, you will be able to see it on the “Advertise” page. If you don't see it, please, check if you have any kind of ad blocker plugin enabled. It could be hiding ads from you.

You can deposit funds to your Purchase balance to extend the existing ads or create new ones. You can open the Purchase balance page by clicking on a link to it on a top bar or by clicking the "Add Funds" button on top of the “Advertise” page.

The purchase balance can be funded via PayPal, Payeer, or from your main account balance. Usually, it happens instantly, but if PayPal or Payeer are experiencing technical issues or delays, it may take additional time to activate your ad. Please, contact us if the Purchase balance was not credited within an hour.

Whenever you create a new ad or extend the existing one, you will receive complimentary bonus ad credits. You can use them to get additional views for your website for free, by creating a bonus ad by clicking on a "You have x Bonus Credits" button.

All of the ads that you have ever created and that you never deleted will be listed on the “Advertise” page. The list of ads can be filtered by type and state.

Every ad in the list will be colored according to the selected plan. If the advertisement was never funded or has expired, it will be grey.

If a block is faded out, this means the ad is paused.

From the list, you can control your ad campaign and see its overview. You can pause or resume it, fund it, edit it and delete it. You can see how many views your ad has received, how much time HeedYou users spent looking at it, the remaining balance, the date when it was created, and the current status.

If you have deleted your advertisement by mistake, please, contact us. In most cases, it is possible to restore a deleted advertisement.

You can access the detailed stats for your ad campaign by clicking on a "more stats" link. It will show you the number of views on your ad over time, demographic data of your audience, and the results of surveys if your ad includes any.