If your advertisement is specific to a certain audience, you may want to use the targeting. You can choose countries which will be able to see your advertisement and filter members by their age and gender.

Targeting by country

By default, if this mode of targeting is disabled, our members from all countries will be able to access your advertisement. Use it if you want to show your advertisement to one or more counties or to exclude some of them.

You can see which countries are enabled on map or in the scrollable list of countries in “Select from list” column. Enabled countries are displayed green on map and black in the list, disabled will be red in both places. After you click the “ENABLE” button, all countries will be deselected. You can select and deselect countries one by one by clicking on them on the map or in the “Select from list” scrollable list. Clicking on an enabled country will disable it, clicking on a disabled country will enable it.

Notice, that when you select countries, you can see the small description, stats and pictures of these countries. Stats include:

  • Languages: The most popular native languages in the country
  • Population: Population of the country, may be amounted in thousands (K) or millions (M)
  • Per capita: Nominal GDP of the country in 2013
  • HDI: Human development index of the country

You can select many countries at a time using the pre-set groups of countries we have created. First, you need to select a group criterion, for example, language from the “Select by group” list. That will open a list of country groups available for this criterion in “Country groups” list. Clicking on a country group will result in either selecting all countries in that group, if any or all of countries in the group are deselected, or deselecting all countries in the group if all of them are enabled. Following criteria are available:

  • All: Has a single group which has all of the countries included. You can use it if you only need to exclude a few countries: first, use it to select all countries, and then manually deselect those you want to block. You can also use it to reset the country targeting.
  • Languages: We have grouped 9 most popular international languages in the world by countries. Only countries, where a significant part of population speaks that language are included in the group.
  • Continents: You can select all countries that are located on or have a part of a territory on a continent.
  • Development level: Countries are grouped into 4 categories by a quality of life, based on an official HDI level in 2013.

Selecting all countries will result in the same effect as not enabling the country targeting at all. If you enable targeting and don’t select any countries, your advertisement will not be seen by anyone.

Targeting by gender

By default, both genders will be able to see your advertisement. Selecting “Male” or “Female” will allow it only to the selected gender.

Targeting by age

If you want only visitors of a certain age to see your advertisement, you can select “Allow only”. When you do it, “From” and “To” fields will appear. Enter the youngest age you want to allow in “From” field and the oldest in “To” field.

If you use any type of targeting, we advise you to track stats of your advertisement to see if any members visit your ad. If you don’t see much traffic, try making the targeting less strict: add more countries, make age range wider, etc.