If you know what kind of people are likely to enjoy your website or service, you can use targeting to address your audience more efficiently. It will limit the number of visits your website can get per day.

Targeting by country

By default, all HeedYou users will be able to access your ad. If you wish to choose or exclude certain countries, please, click on the “ENABLE” button below the map. That will de-select all countries.

You can select countries by either clicking on them on a map or selecting them in a list on the right side of the form. Selected countries will appear green on the map and black in the list.

If you want to exclude a few countries, but allow everyone else, you can click on "All" in the "Country Groups" list and then de-select the unwanted countries.

There are quick selection templates available based on language, continent, and development level. Choose the criteria in the "Select by group" list on the right, then click on a country group to select all countries in that category. Clicking on it again will de-select those countries.

Targeting by gender

Targeting by age

You can either allow people of all ages to see your ad or limit it to a certain age range.

If, when you use the targeting, you do not get enough visits, try to edit your ad and make the targeting less restrictive.